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Goodbye Burn & Plastics!

Today was my very last visit to the Burn and Plastics recovery department at Santa Clara Valley medical, whew!  It’s been 4 long months and the healing process continues.  This was such a crazy experience and through it all, I can say I am a freaking champ!  

After weeks of doctor visits and surgery, I am finally on my feet again..literally! YAY! Trying to do the most basic thing was difficult, so I’ll def try to appreciate more and not take anything for granted! I am so excited to have my life back and looking forward to all things positive. Wear your shoes on the beach, people! :)” 

My long story… May 20th we were at the beach for Khang’s birthday, and I stepped on really REALLY hot sand that left me with 1st and 2nd degree burns on the bottom and side of my right foot. Someone had a coal starter on the sand and must’ve picked it up minutes before I stepped right into the very same spot it was placed, lucky me right?  To ease the pain, I kept my foot on a bag of ice.  Not the right thing to do, but It was the only solution at the time to take some of the discomfort and pain away.  The next day it swelled and blistered up like a balloon..it was definitely time to give the good ol’ Express Clinic a visit.  I couldn’t walk at this time, but luckily we had a rolling walker at our house so Khang used that to wheel me in.  After waiting 4 hours, I was finally seen by a doctor who seemed quite amused by it all. I could tell he couldn’t wait to cut into it and to take pictures. And he did……ahhh ouchhh!  It was quite painful still with one dose of morphine, so the nurse had to give me another.  So strong, it made me puke on the way home, sorry hunny!  Btw, here’s the man that held my hand every step of the way :) Love him to pieces…

khang at the hospital

Here are some key dates and photos from some of the doctor visits!  *DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE WEAK AND SQUIRMISH!  THEY’RE KINDA COOL THOUGH” The healing process still amazes me..amazing how the body works.

May 21st- The day after the burn and first visit to the hospital  (Began applying SSD) Blistered side, Blistered bottom, Blister removed, Blister removed bottom

May 23rd - 2nd visit 

May 30th - was told I needed surgery for skin graft Bottom

May 31st - Hospital pre-op (took forever…)

June 1st- Surgery day!  (Woke up and didn’t have missing skin from my thigh likeoriginally planned.  They used cadaver skin instead.  Weird.)  Cast after surgery

…Visits to the Burn and Plastics weekly.

June 11th - 10 days after surgery, took off my cast. (Began applying Zero Form, stinky stuff) With cadaver skin and stitches

17 days later…

before visit, after (dr. removed skin and put Silver on open areas)

June 28th - Off crutches and walking on 2 feet!  yay! party time.  Look how much my leg and foot shrunk 

Now - The bottom looks great!  Side of foot is still very sensitive especially after a hot shower.  Some pain due to shrinking of the skin.  (Applying lotion and scar gel cream) Now  Not perfect, but more than anything I could imagine a few months ago.

Looking back, it seems amazing how quickly my foot healed.  It most definitely did NOT feel like that during the time.  I was miserable, stuck at home every single day. I couldn’t drive and was horrible at using the crutches.  Not to mention the daily, painful dressing changes I had to do 2-3 times a day.  Shout out to my DABS for keeping me sane through our group texts and visiting me now and then :)  Thanks guys..

Hope this is helpful to those looking for information on foot burns.  I couldn’t really find any on the internet at the time, and mainly why I wanted to share my experience!  Thanks for reading.

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Hoi An, Central Coast!

I take what I said about sleeper buses being fun all back now.  After the first one, we’ve only had terrible, dirty, smelly BO ones.  Traveling isn’t all glamorous, man!  It was all worth it once we got to our destination though!  Hoi An is a small city with a lot of history and character.  We enjoyed its beautiful beach, river, and experienced their wonderful tailoring (what they are known for).  My sister and I enjoyed getting pampered at Hoi An Day Spa, where we got a full body salt scrub and massage.  It was my first time getting a scrub at the spa, and my skin felt soooo soft after.  Had to get all that grime off of me from the nasty bus we were on, boo! We kinda took over the place and borrowed some shears so that my sister could cut my hair since they didn’t feel comfortable with haircuts.  It was getting a little out of control, so I really didn’t even mind if they just did a little trim.  So funny how the ladies were standing around her trying to learn, haha!

We tried to stay out and be active since our hotel sucked so bad we didn’t feel like staying in our room.  A hotel can really make or break your experience, but we weren’t going to let this place ruin our short stay in this city!  I regret not seeing any historical sites in Hoi An, but we figured we can make it up in Hue.

I loved riding around on our rented bikes through the scenic roads.

Pit stop at a river for a crepe and smoothie at Son Hoi An “slow food” Restaurant.

We spent a lot of time at Bao Diep, one of the many made-to-fit tailoring places.  It was so much fun picking out styles off our favorite online shopping sites, choosing our fabrics, and watching them come to life!  Khang went overboard and got two suits, two shirts, two pairs of shorts, AND a pair of comfy linen pants made.  My sister got a few pants, tops, and romper made.  As for me, I got a cute shift dress, pants, and a blouse made.  If we had more time, I think we would have brought home a whole new wardrobe.  Actually, we had to get two extra luggages to fit things we’ve purchased on the way.  

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Nha Trang Beach Town

On April fools day, we took a sleeper bus all the way to Nha Trang which took about 8 hours.  The ride was a little scary because of the big storm, but was still quite scenic all the while.  No one enjoyed the sleeper bus as much as I did, haha!  I didn’t think it was bad at all..It was something different, and I enjoyed that! My first impression of Nha Trang was that it was so much more calm and WOW the people here are sooooo much nicer than they are in Saigon.  Traffic isn’t as crazy, you can actually breathe, there’s a beach, and you can see the sun!  

Our first stop was the Why Not Bar, where we enjoyed hamburger/fries, my first bucket, and watermelon flavored hookah!  We met a very nice taxi driver who Binh quickly befriended named Son, and went out to coffee and ahem* with the next day.  He even introduced us to one his buddies Thang, who took care of us the next day because he had the day off.  Really though, much nicer folks here.  It sucks coming to a place where you are constantly feeling cheated..I haven’t felt that too much here, thank goodness because It can get pretty annoying.  

It was raining all early morning our next day here in Nha Trang, and we were all pretty darn bummed. I prayed to the sun gods hardddd and what do you know, the sun comes beaming out from the clouds…crazy!!  We made our way to Vinpearl, an amusement/water park beach.  We had such a relaxing day floating down the lazy pool and getting some much needed sunlight.  At night we visited the Cho Dem (Night market) where my sister and I picked up more gifts.  Even though each stand had very similar items, I reallyyy liked this specific night market because the vendors were so friendly.  We came back with two bags full of summer dresses to give away as gifts!  After some shopping we headed over to the Sailing Club!  Hellaaa crackin here!  It’s super chill with good music, lounge chairs everywhere, and hello!  it’s right on the beach.  Pretty fun.  

Today was another beautiful and chill day with the boo.  Started the day right with a bowl of bun bo hue from a street vendor.  Shortly after, we ate again at the popular Louisiane Brewery.  Food was good, and the drinks were alright.  It’s nice that it’s right on the beach and even has a pool right where the restaurant tables are.  After our meal, we enjoyed a good breezy nap on the sand.  We ended the night by walking around the night market and got our first Xich Lo ride back to our hotel.  Our driver was extremely kind and spoke to us in pretty good English the whole time.  He told us about his humble and simple life as a xich lo driver.  Every night he sleeps on his bike and described it as a “hotel with a million stars”. He didn’t ask for any money and said we could give it to him if we want.  We ended up giving him a little more than what he makes in a full days of work and you can tell in his eyes that he was just completely moved and grateful.  I didn’t get the impression that he was telling us his life story just for us to feel bad for him at all.  He showed us a picture album of travelers that he’s kept in touch with over the years and who he calls his friends, kinda sweet!  

Tomorrow we are taking another sleeper bus to Hoi An…about 11 hours away! Any ideas on what to see/do here?

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My Tho Kien Giang River Tour

Day 3 in Saigon, we decided to take the My Tho Kien Giang River (Mekong River).  It was a nice, lengthy, and fun filled.  We started off by traveling on a bus for about 1.5 hours and then got on a boat to the Mekong village. It was a hot day out, so the breeze on the River felt really really nice!  Once we got to the village, they fed us a delicious meal, entertained us, took us on a horse carriage ride, and then on a small boat ride (chuon) to a village where they make coconut candy!  My favorite part was the small boat ride through the tall bushes of water banana trees; It was just so serene and relaxing!  

That night, my sis and I continued to work on our bargaining skills at the big Saigon Square.  We were on a hunt for cool sunglasses and whatever else we could find for our girlfriends.  We decided we didn’t have enough time to do shopping so we’ll be returning to the city to do some more damage before heading back to Cali.  That night Binh and Khang hung out with one of our friends’ dad who lives nearby.  He was kind enough to take them to a neat lounge called Carmen.  They swear by this place and plan on taking me there when we return towards the end of our trip!  We ended the night by visiting a massage place across the street from our hotel.  I enjoyed an hour foot massage, while the boys got a full body massage.  I was in the same room, so no sneaky stuff going on here, tsk tsk!

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Vietnam Day Two!

Hello, from Saigon! It’s day two here, and I have to say it’s been quite overwhelming. Definitely experiencing some culture shock, but we’re trying our best to absorb everything and learn many new things about our culture along the way. There is just so much to see here, and well it’s the city…and it’s very hectic and crazy. I’m hoping to master crossing the busy streets and intersection without holding on to anybody! hehehe, it’s so freaking scary!! Motorbikes everywhere!

For the past two days we’ve been lucky enough to have our families take us in their homes and fed us home cooked meals. I met my moms cousin for the first time and was able to meet with my two aunts AND grandma, who are visiting from Australia and Paris.

Today we picked up Binh from airport and then hung out with Khang’s side of the family, who he has never met before. My sister and I waited at the gate for him and even did the, “Binh! Oh troi oi, hunnay come hea come hea!!” while waiving our hands in the air, hahaha!

My sister and I are currently at our hotel, Thanh Hung and are waiting for the Khang and Binh to get back from having dinner at their relatives house. By the way, can anyone guess what they’re having? Let me give you a hint, *ruff ruff! Howwww freaking sad! I don’t think i’ll ever get use to that idea. As for me and my sis we went to a Hue restaurant in an alley and had banh canh! mmmmmm my favorite! So far, so good and no tummy issues. Let’s hope it stays this way for the next few weeks!

What’s in store for tomorrow? We are going to Can Tho (South of Ho Chi Minh) and touring the Mekong river! It’ll definitely be taking lots of pictures tomorrow since I haven’t really gotten the chance to. It’s been kinda crazy in the city, and I really don’t wanna get jacked!

HK terminal in Taiwan.

My Mo Tiet picked us up from the Airport and Khang got to experience crazy Saigon roads upon arrival.

We stayed at Saigon Youth Hostel for one night in Pham Ngu Lao, Dist. 1.

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Everyday, yeah.
Visiting Teresa Flowers Studio.


Everyday, yeah.

Visiting Teresa Flowers Studio.

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It’s okay to stumble through success!

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Would love to throw a Vintage Valentines themed party for the hunnies.

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we can get ugly matching christmas sweaters


we can get ugly matching christmas sweaters

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